AWG-PNW May 2021 E-News

General news:

We have just launched our new chapter website at!   We’ll keep the old one active for at least another month with a forwarding link to the new one.  Many thanks to Cindy Bartlett and Jordan Claytor for building the site.  If you have comments or items you think we should add, please contact Marcia Knadle at  This new site will be much easier to keep updated.

When you check out the new website, you’ll notice that we finally have an official chapter logo!  We did make some changes based on comments we received on the drafts I sent out for member review, mainly the color scheme.  Thanks to Emily Cahoon and everyone who commented!

We have two positions open on the Chapter Board this year – president and treasurer.  President is a 1-year term with a term limit of 3 years.  Treasurer is a 2-year term with a term limit of 4 years.  In addition, our bank account needs to stay in Washington, so our treasurer should be a Washington resident.  If someone is willing to take on president, Marcia is willing to become treasurer (the only chapter office she’s never held).  If you’re interested in serving on the Board, please contact Marcia at

We’re still searching for a spring Zoom speaker.  If anyone is interested in making a presentation or has a suggestion, please contact  For fall, we hope to have a social event in conjunction with the Annual GSA Meeting in Portland in October, assuming it’s held in person.  For s Seattle area fall event, we’re planning a tour of the Burke Museum.

Finally, we’ve made big progress on our second chapter field trip for this year, the SE BC Hot Springs Geology Tour (Sept. 25 – Oct. 6).  We’re proceeding with planning in the hopes that Canada will open their border for vaccinated tourists from the US by early August.  Please contact Marcia at for more information.  The E. OR Volcanics Related to the Yellowstone Plume field trip we’re co-sponsoring with GSOC in late June is full.

Upcoming presentations:

Tuesday May 11: NWGS — Paul Belanger of Sound Water Stewards will be presenting a talk entitled Paleoceanographic history that led to our understanding of Cenozoic climate history and changing impact for the Pacific Northwest.  Go to 2021_05.pdf ( to find out how to get the Zoom link if you’re not an NWGS member.

Friday May 14: GSOC – Jon Major (USGS-CVO Scientist-in-Charge) will present Volcano Hazards of the Pacific NW.  Register at GSOC.

Tuesday May 25: COGS – Andrea Balbas (OSU) will give the intriguingly titled talk I Date Rocks – A Geochronology Love Story.  Watch for Zoom information at

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