AWG-PNW April-May 2022 E-News

Chapter News Because of the chapter field trip to SE BC in late April – early May, this is a double issue.  New AWG website coming! AWG is completely changing their website and their databases. This will have several advantages for AWG… Continue reading…

AWG-PNW June 2021 E-News

General news: We still have two positions open on the Chapter Board this year – president and treasurer.  President is a 1-year term with a term limit of 3 years.  Treasurer is a 2-year term with a term limit of 4 years.  In addition, our bank account needs to stay in Washington, so our treasurerContinue reading “AWG-PNW June 2021 E-News”

April 2021 AWG-PNW E-News

AWG-PNW Field trips Registration is underway for our joint field trip with GSOC to eastern Oregon to look at volcanics related to the Yellowstone Plume.  If you weren’t already on our interest list, you probably won’t be able to register for one of the limited number of AWG slots.  However, I’ll be sending out theContinue reading “April 2021 AWG-PNW E-News”

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